Mood Swingz (ft. lonemoon)

by tekvision

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[Verse 1: lonemoon]

A son prays to a dad that can't listen
On his knees, tears drippin' cuz the L is in his system
No help for a daughter, hand reaches to the bottom
Too often, hardly finds a soul that isnt talking
In a coffin, hear his coughing, he's still alive
She's still alive. Can you understand that im paralyzed
A pair of eyes
Are always watchin me
Like a swarm of bees
Always warning me
That I'm out of time
It's storming me

Bare pockets
But opportunity knockin
Got unity ain't no flockin'
My patience is on the clock and
I’m incredible
Need a head of gold
And some edibles
Verse a parable for the terrible
The uncareable
Now your stare is cold
Like my wrist watch
Swear your bitch watch
Every move i make, got my discog'
On her ipod, you like 'oh god'
I know every move you make, you’re predictable
Like holup doe

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2: lonemoon]

They call me illegitimate,they livin in their sentiments
Sparkin up my cinna stix and thinkin bout my benjamins
I'm irrelevant but soon the kid come up
Next summer, gotta be a hot summer

I was born in a bedroom
Still think that i'm lead proof
No Luke Cage but I swear to god I carry you
And the world gon try to marry you
But Imma stay alone till my god damn burial

Fired up, farenheit
Spit so hard got Laryngitis
Ain’t go back till we rewind it
Purple posse right behind me

I swear to god I’m honest
Dark to the core, like onyx
I got it

When the last shot’s fired imma back off
If you’re tired of my voice, turn the track off
I’m just tryna stack my dough and put some racks on
I’m just tired of hearing you boys slack off

[Instrumental Break]


released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


tekvision Riihimäki, Finland

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